В сеть попал пример письма для подачи апелляции в Google Ads. Предлагаем вам его скачать: Dear Google Ads Team.

Либо скопировать:

Dear Google Ads Team,

I am the social media manager for this business, CupN’Ads. I understand that I may have overlooked some things in managing the payments made and other billing transaction, which may have violated any AdWord’s standards of quality. However, I am writing this appeal because I believe I was not given enough notification should I was making any mistakes. Here’s what happened:

1) I was running a campaign for our company’s corporate social responsibility (optional: state the specific name of the ad)

2) I added an amount of ….. as a lifetime budget. After a few hours, the red bar showing my account has been suspended due to suspicious payment activity started showing.

Aside from the primary account [email protected], I have added two (2) accounts [email protected] and [email protected] as Admin for full access of the Google AdWords. All these accounts are being managed by me and one of our colleagues in the business.

To avoid any disruption in running our campaigns, our team has agreed to do the following:

  1. Use only one (1) account [email protected] (primary) for any billing transactions
  2. The other accounts will be used for monitoring purposes only, but all campaigns will be launched from the main.
  1. As for other violation policies we will never want to encounter, all our ads will be reviewed thoroughly.

Please let us know if anything further needs to be done to reinstate our account; we are looking forward to hearing from you.

My Ads Team