Our internal project is a trusted service with a wide range of digital marketing tools and techniques. We aim to build effective sms and email campaigns to bring more new clients on board and build customer loyalty. We’re a forward-thinking company looking for the Account Manager (account farming) to join us on our journey.

What will you do?

• Resource preparation for creating accounts: email addresses, websites, anti-detection browser profiles, and registration info

• Set up and manage email accounts from different providers

• Search, connect, and work with mobile and resident proxies

• Create and manage accounts on various online services

• Search for and buy domain names from various registrars

• Create simple tasks for freelancers to build basic websites

• Searching for and using SMS verification services

• Use the company’s CRM

• Use anti-detect browsers

• Analysis and identification of fraud filters on various systems and services

An ideal candidate will have:

• Intermediate level of English proficiency

• Understanding the basics of traffic arbitrage and account farming

• Basic Product/Project management skills, ability to formulate and assign tasks, coordinate deadlines


Please send your CV to Anastasia

Telegram – @fedorenko_nastasia

Email – [email protected]